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Introducing Rod Bullimore – Songwriter & Poet

Hi I’m Rod Bullimore and I live in St Ives, Cornwall – I first started songwriting in 1986 when a friend bet me that I couldn’t write a song that was bad enough for the Eurovision Song Contest. I immediately wrote a song called “True Love” (comes once in your life) which after collaboration with a local musician was duly sent to six record companies together with three more songs I had written.

We quickly got interest from E.M.I who wanted to use the song for Eurovision, and interest on another song from a Tamla Motown subsidiary. Sadly the Eurovision song was later dropped at the last minute for something slightly more favourable. And, life events got in the way of me pursuing the songwriting avenue concentrating instead on Poetry, Comedy Writing and Film making. I recently wrote produced and acted in Snotton TV (a spoof documentary about St Ives) which quickly sold 500 copies and is still selling.

I still keep an interest in songwriting and recently learned to play the guitar re-kindling my interest. I have now penned about 30 songs in the last two years bringing my total catalogue of songs to 50 plus. Although I can and do perform my songs, I do not see myself as a performer per se and I would prefer to market the songs to interested parties.

Being a poet and playing mainly acoustic guitar, my influences are primarily Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen etc. and I tend to favour Folk Rock style but my songs are quite eclectic ranging from Comedy (Santa’s Hoe Down and Killing Time for Dylan) to Heavy Rock, Country and Western and High Street Musical – my songs tend to be lyric led. I’ve recently decided to concentrate my efforts on songwriting and I hope you enjoy the samples herewith.

Other samples of my lyrics / songs together with Poetry Comedy and prose can be seen on my web site together with a photograph.

Successes to date: Publishing deal with E.M.I  –  Documentary writer, producer and actor for Snotton TV

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